Courses and Lectures

Mannheim, Germany, 18 November 2015

Excellence in Orthodontics 2015 (one day lecture course)

David Birnie and Nigel Harradine

Reykjavik, Iceland, 5 June 2015

Understanding passive self-ligation (a one day lecture course)

David Birnie 

 European Damon Forum, Barcelona, Spain 16-18 April 2015

Is the future digital?

David Birnie

 Ortomat Herpola Oy, Turku, Finland, 12-13 December 2014

Understanding passive self-ligation (a two day lecture and typodont course)

David Birnie

 2014 Taiwan International Orthodontic Forum, Taipei, 21-24 November 2014 

'So where are we now with self-ligation?' 

Nigel Harradine 

(23 November, 90 minutes)